Raising a baby is really long and hard process. And it is not a surprise, that parents make mistakes during this process. We are all human beings.

Even the most responsible parents can make mistakes from time to time.

Try to these common parenting mistakes:
◾️Neglecting self care. You do not have any breaks and it become physically and emotionally exhausting.
◾️The responsibility is immense.
◾️Try to fix problems. You may not pay attention, but kids see how their parents respond to situations.
◾️Have rules and limits. Do not let your baby doing what they want. Having rules and limits will help your sweetie during her life. Do not say YES to almost everything.
◾️Arguing with your baby.
◾️Do not be too critical. You should not focus only on negative things, tell your baby what she did right.

Did you make such mistakes while raising your baby?
Maybe you did something else? Share with us in comments…

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