Taking Care of Your Stroller

Please make sure you take care of your baby’s stroller right. Follow the maintenance advice below to keep your stroller working properly and looking well.

Please ensure that the stroller is kept clean and dry (both the coating and the frame). In case the stroller gets dirty or wet, it should be dried, and the metallic parts should be cleaned with a dry cloth. Avoid getting dirt (sand, dust, etc.) on the stroller. Clean the dirt off the stroller as soon as possible. Please note that if you do not do so, the product can stop functioning either partially or fully.

The cleaning of the stroller’s coating can be done with a wet washcloth or brush and detergent. There is no need to take the coating off.

The color of materials and textiles can fade when exposed to sunlight for a long time.

The wear level of wheels should be controlled; the wheels should be cleaned from dirt. The pressure in the inflatable wheels should be kept at 0.8 bar.

Besides that, there are eight ball bearings in the stroller (2 in each wheel), which should be greased regularly and protected from dirt and liquids. In the event that such substances get in, the ball bearings should be cleaned, dried, and greased with several oil drops. Any spillage of the oil should be wiped with a dry cloth.