Our Story

It was October 6, 2017 when I discovered that a small heart is beating under my heart.
After a few years of dreaming of a baby I was the happiest woman in the world.
9 months of waiting were the beginning of a happy journey - motherhood.
As a new mom I wanted all the best to my baby. And when was a time to choose the stroller I noticed that all strollers on the market are black or grey. But I wanted a unique & beautiful stroller for my Princess.
Hours of searching and I found my perfect stroller in Europe!
Finally after 3 months it arrived and I started to receive a tons of compliments and questions where I bought it.
And I knew that there are many mothers to be who would like to have the same elegant, nice, high quality stroller.
Together with my baby Diana in 2018 my store Best 4 Your Baby was born.
Our mission is to offer the best European baby products, because we know that every baby deserves the best!
Our store was founded to sell baby food from Europe but my dream of selling strollers was in my heart.
And after 3 years of working and making new parent’s life happier I decided that it is time!
We rebrand our company and now we are Bebizon!
Almost 4 years I was waiting for this day!
Day when we start to sell European baby strollers here in the USA.
And my dream came true!
Now Bebizon is the official exclusive retailer of ANEX Baby Strollers www.anexbaby.com
Follow your dreams!
Ulyana Vysochanska
Founder & Owner