Play is essential for newborns!👶

It’s a big mistake to think that the baby does not understand anything up to 1 year and you can not engage in its development. Remember, that baby understands everything from an early age. That’s why experts offers to combine the pleasant and useful - so play development games with your baby.

Some mums probably have already come up with a huge number of simple but at the same time useful games. Especially since the baby develops in the process of such games.
So you can develop: thinking, motor skills, intelligence, as well as help to get acquainted with the world around you.

Babies are more amused by the parent’s behaviour when you laugh, make funny noises with your mouth
Playing with your baby helps them with learning to talk and understand words. Just speak with your baby while cooking or cleaning the house.

Here are some playing ideas for newborns: 🔸Smile, make faces, laugh, roll your eyes. Your baby adores watching your face.
🔸Sing, chat, tickle, count toes. Such things are best are the best for newborns.
🔸 Give your baby different objects to feel. It can be soft toys.
🔸 Show your baby the world around. It is interesting for them.
🔸 Give your baby tummy time.
🔸 Make sound with your baby and wait them to respond.
🔸 Read to your baby.
And remember that play is fun and you should enjoy yourself.

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