How to take care of a newborn🥰
Every mom and dad need some help when they become newly parents. So in this post we will try to share with you what to pay attention and what you do not need to worry about at all! 😊

✅ It is very important to feed your baby on time. And remember that newborn eats a lot and that means that you need to feed them 8-12 times in 24 hours. Baby can be breastfeed or formula fed.

✅ Once the baby is fed, he needs to be burped.

✅ it is very important to know how to hold your baby. So pay attention to supporting your baby’s head and neck while taking care of a newborn baby.

✅ Changing diapers frequently is also an important thing. And let your baby remain without a diaper for a few hours each day.

✅ Bathing a newborn is a fragile task. Make sure you have all the bathing and changing supplies ready before you take the baby for a bath.

✅ Making a massage help to soothe a baby and improve digestion. A good time to massage the baby is before her bath.

✅ Make your baby lie on her tummy every day for a short while. This will make her neck and back muscles stronger.

✅ Newborns sleep for about 16 hours a day. Every baby is different and has a different sleep cycle.

✅ Newborn nails grow very fast. It is important to keep the baby’s nails trimmed. Do it when the baby sleep. Because the baby May scratch his own face.

Also ask for help from your friends or relatives. It is very important to take a rest.

Share with us your own tips😉

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