Keeping your baby safe in a stroller is our TOP priority. That’s why we want to mention our tips as being a parents, that helped us with our baby while walking in the stroller:

✔️Always stay close to the stroller
✔️Put the brakes on when you stopped the stroller
✔️Do not hang heavy bags on the stroller handles
✔️Do not carry hot liquids in your stroller cup holder
✔️Always follow the quire lines of your stroller, when changing the carrycot to the seat unit
✔️Be sure, that baby’s safety harness is always buckled and tightened when strolling
✔️Do not carry more than one baby per stroller seat
✔️Do not use the infant car seat without compatible car seat adapter
✔️Keep your baby away from the stroller while folding
✔️Keep it out of the sun. Always check the stroller surface temperature before placing your baby in the stroller

If you have some other important tips - share with us in comments below ⬇️

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