Everybody loves travelling! 🥰 The best time for baby to start it is by 3 months. You have already used being a newly parents, and you have more free time between feedings and diaper changes! 🤗

We want to share with you some basic tips to start with:

✔️ Be sure that your baby is in safety and health. Check if the car seat is properly installed. Do not forget about sunscreen (it depends on season). Remember about prescription of medications, if your baby takes one. And always have your doctor’s contact information.

✔️ Food and comfort. If your baby is not breastfeed, take ready to feed formula or prepare a few bottles of formula for your little one. Also do not forget about the right quantity of diapers, take as much you need. Pack at least one pack of extra clothes for you and your baby. And also we recommend you to have a blanket while traveling!

✔️Entertainment. Do not forget to take your baby’s favourite toys. It can be musical toys, soft toys, plastic keys, teething rings and others. As well you can buy a new one while travelling.

✔️Travel gear. A lightweight stroller is the best during travelling. As well you can take front-carriers or sling, they are great, you may have your hands free.

For sure, we did not mention everything, but we tried to mention the most important!

Share your own tips in comments below, that helped you or helps while travelling….⬇️

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