Breastmilk provides all needed nutrients for your baby development. Its composition is specially adapted to infant’s healthy growth.

Breastfed babies have good bacteria in high level at their digestive system. These bioactive compounds found in human breastmilk promote the maturation of immune system and protect against different infections.

Probiotics and prebiotics have recently been added to infant formula in Europe and other countries. The purpose of its supplementation is to mimic functional effect of bacteria and oligosaccharides found in breastmilk. So, let us find out what are probiotics and prebiotics.

  • Probiotics are live bacteria and microorganisms which improve digestive system, promote general heath and increase the immune system. Probiotics help to push the food through your intestine and in this way keep your baby’s digestive tract healthy.

It was shown by some researches that probitics can help with bowel disease, diarrhea, eczema and colic. However, there are many stains of probiotics and only a small amount has proven benefits. In formula-fed babies these probiotics promote a balance of bacteria in your baby’s gut. It should be pointed that a large number of infant formula available on the market contain probiotics.  

  • Prebiotics and non-digestible ingredients that promote the growth of probiotics in the intestinal tract. They are found in human breastmilk, bananas, onion, garlic, wheat and others.

Prebiotics in infant formulas are based on oligosaccharides. They are stimulating the growth of main probiotics: lactobacillus and bifidobacteria.

However, regular milk that is used in infant formula cannot shape immune system as human milk does. So remember that the process of building a healthy gut microbiome start from birth and continue through childhood.  

Before giving your baby infant formula with probiotics and prebiotics, consult with your pediatrician.

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