Now many people are looking for alternatives and wondering whether glass baby bottles are safer and better alternative than plastic. However, some parents prefer glass bottles over plastic, and there are many reasons that make it the right fit. Deciding whether to buy glass bottle or plastic can be difficult for every mom.  Let’s talk about it in details!

Here are few benefits of glass bottle:

  • No chemicals. You do not need to worry about chemicals. Glass bottle maintains the purity of the liquid taste.
  • Easy to clean. They are much easier to clean than plastic. You can always see when the glass is clean or dirty, compared to plastic.
  • Perfect sanitization. You can heat the glass to higher temperatures without any worries.
  • Glass bottles are more durable than plastic one.

Now let’s check the main disadvantages of glass bottle:

  • Glass bottles are heavier than plastic. The weight of such bottle can make it difficult for your baby to hold.
  • More expensive. Glass bottles are more expensive because the material is more costly. However, it is really worth to make such an investment.

Do not panic when you hear the word glass and baby. Modern glass bottles are safer than they were many year ago. Most of them are made of tempered glass, which is very hard to break. Many of glass bottles have silicone covering which prevent them from slipping out of hands.

Let’s check the benefits of plastic bottle:

  • Plastic bottles are easier for baby to grip and hold on.
  • Less expensive. Plastic bottles are cheaper than glass one. They are less expensive to produce. Always check the quality and buy the brands, which you can trust.
  • Won’t break. No need to worry about shattered glass.
  • Widely available. You can find plastic bottles at many stores and supermarkets.

Disadvantages of plastic bottles are:

  • Plastic bottles contain chemicals. Be careful buying the cheapest models, as they can be made with unsafe chemicals.
  • More difficult to clean. Small scratches on plastic bottles can also attract bacteria. Moreover, it makes cleaning difficult.
  • Absorbs odors. Over time, plastic can absorb odors.
  • Less durable. Plastic do not last as long as glass. They are eventually wear down.

There are many choices when it comes to baby bottles. However, always remember to check the quality and choose a brand, which you can trust. After looking advantages and disadvantages of each bottle, you can decide which bottle to choose: plastic or glass one.

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