Sometimes parents look for a formula that can be given to their child when she has outgrown the infant formula. Many European brands produce toddler formulas. They are known as Growing Up milk, Follow-on formula or Toddler milk.

Remember, that it is very important to give your child the right nutrition for healthy growing. That is why many parents continue to feed their babies with formula. Moreover, something they are worried that their baby’s diet is insufficient. However, it should never replace a healthy diet or prevent the child from eating food.

Shortly, toddler formula is recommended for babies from nine months to three years old. Once your child is one year old, its digestive system can handle cow’s milk. However, if you decided to use toddler formula, consult with your doctor about choosing the right one for your babies’ specific needs. Besides, it is good to use toddler formulas with a healthy variety of solid foods, such as vegetables, fruits etc. It is essential to remember that babies do not need it as often as babies need to drink from bottles or breastfeed.

If you would like to make the transition from breastfeed or infant formula to a toddler formula, do it gradually over several weeks.

At our shop, you may find one of the best European toddler formulas. Let check which formula you can use for your child:

  • Loulouka Stage 3
  • Holle Cow’s Milk Stage 3 and Stage 4
  • Holle Goat’s Milk Stage 3
  • Holle A2 Stage 3
  • Hipp Combiotik German Stage 3
  • Hipp Combiotik Polish Stage 3
  • Hipp UK Stage 3
  • Hipp Dutch Stage 3
  • Nanny Care Stage 3

All these formulas are the most trusted formula brands in Europe. They are the best-valued products for your babies with clean, organic ingredients and an excellent nutrition source for a growing child. Change is always difficult, but be sure your baby will get the best with our toddler formulas.

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