Many babies are attached to their bottles not only because it is their food, but also because it is their comfort. It does not matter whether you are breastfeeding, bottle-feeding or a combination of two.

Some day you will ask yourself a question: When and how should I wean my baby from a bottle? In this article, we will try to help you to sort it all out.

It is very important for parents to start weaning their babies from bottle around the 1 year and start giving them a cup (complete weaning from a bottle is recommended by 18 months). Such switch could be a challenge. But once you think your child is ready these tips may help you to smooth the transition.

  • Gradual weaning

This phase works the best and takes around the month. Start with the mid-morning or mid-afternoon feedings. You should decrease the offered bottles and replace them with cups. Keep the bottle out of sight. Let your baby choose the best cup for him or try a nice straw. Do not begin the transition when your baby is sick, tired or hungry. Do such moment wisely.

  • Cold Turkey

Sudden transition can be painful for everyone, but it can be the most effective method. Talk with your child about that before. Take them to a store and pick with them such cup that they like the most. Make it a big deal! Tell your baby about a week before that he is a big boy and now he does not need a bottle. Remove the bottle from your house (out of sight, out of mind). Offer your baby a reward (some snack that he loves). You may deal with a fuss one or two days. Be patient!

Once you started weaning, give your baby extra love from you: more playtime together or more hugs. This will help them to do the transition more easily.

If your baby is sitting in a high chair, you may also offer to take formula or breastmilk from a cup. Tell him that he is going to do it like his mommy. Babies like to do what you do. This will help him to get used to eat at the table.

Finally, remember that every baby is unique, and these tips may not work with your baby. You may have a strategy that is much better for your baby. Share with us.

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