Do you agree that the most difficult thing in motherhood is night feeding? Once you’ve got a baby, your nights will never be the same!

Nevertheless, no worries we have tips to help you with this and make it just a little easier.

  1. Keep the lights low

Keep the room as dark and quite as possible, when your baby wakes to nurse. It helps them to fall asleep again. Do not turn a bright light if you need to see or find something, use nightlight or flashlight. No phones or devices at night.

  1. Listen

Babies can sleep very noisy. They snort and whimper during the sleep. Just listen first to see if they need you to tend to them.

  1. Be organized and prepared

Before you go to bed, prepare everything what you will need during the night feedings. The more organized you are, the faster you will fall asleep. Think what you will need and keep it close at hand.

  1. Nap when it is possible during the day

Sleep when your baby sleeps. Everyone says it - because it is true. Rest as much as possible during the day. Even ask your partner to spent time with baby while you will have some time to rest.

  1. Find a comfortable position and stay close

Try to feed your baby in horizontal position. In this way, you can have some rest. As well you can keep your baby close at night.

  1. Hide the clock

Do not watch your bedside clock. It somehow makes it worse to know how much time you slept.

  1. Easy cleanup

Keep some dry towels near the bed. They can help you to stay dry and comfortable.

  1. Do not talk

Keep the room quiet and try not to talk. Baby need to understand that nighttime is not time for playing. Make thing as boring as possible. Moreover, try to skip diaper changes if possible. Because it can really wake them up.

  1. Ask for night feedings help

Do not be afraid to ask for help during the early weeks. If your baby takes a bottle, your partner can help you with night feeding. So you can sleep longer.

Nighttime feeding are very important. Not only for newborn, but also for you.

Remember that newborn period lasts only few months. Hug your baby and watch how she grows. And until then, keep working on your own tips that help you to get enough rest.

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