Many parents, who have decided to feed their newborns with formula, raise an important question: what is the best water to make baby formula?

All water looks the same, but there are several types of it that have their own benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, in this article, we will try to give you all information to be sure that the water you use to make baby formula is safe for your infant. 

Types of Water you can use:

  • Baby Bottled Water:
  • Baby Bottled Water is a safe option. Such water is only purified for baby’s consumption. However, always check the quality, to be sure that you give your baby the best one.

  • Bottled Water:
  • If your water is unsafe or you are not at home, the use of bottled water will be the easiest option. Any water that is low in fluoride or it has been purified is good for making infant formula. However, you should still sterilize it by boiling, unless it’s distilled.

  • Tap Water:
  • Tap water is not recommended to use in baby formula. Nevertheless, there are places that have extremely pure water, and this can be used. 

    Although many parents choose it for preparing infant formula and they heat such water to 158 degrees F (70 degrees C). This option is much more economical than bottled water. 

  • Distilled Water
  • Distilled Water is good for use in baby formula. It has gone through purification and it could be the safest water for making infant formula. It does not contain any nutrients, but your baby will get all they need. 

  • Fluoride Water
  • If your water contains a high level of fluoride, make sure how much you are using for baby formula.  This is because excessive fluoride intake can lead to fluorosis. This can be highly unsafe for the little one. Too many minerals are also something that you need to watch out for. Still it is a point worth discussing. If your tap water has fluoride, you can use distilled boiled water a few times a day instead to balance it. If you’re still worried about fluoride, check with your doctor about alternating tap water and low fluoride bottled water or only using bottled water.

    Which water should you avoid?

  • Well Water
  • In some parts of the United States, families drink water from wells. Many of them are private and are not checked by inspectors. This means that they may contain higher levels of minerals that are not allowed. 

    Wells can contain toxins and bacteria that are not safe for making baby formula. It may contains iron and nitrates, which you can’t boil away. Such water should be tested regularly. If you are not sure in its safety, avoid using it in making baby formula. 

  • Water that contains high level of fluoride
  • As we already mentioned, high level of fluoride can lead to problems in your baby. You need to figure out the fluoride content in the water. If this is less than 0.7/ mg/L, then you are good to go. 

    It is very important that the water you use to prepare baby formula is clean and pure and is safe for infants. If you use the boiled water, you can be sure that all bacteria are killed. However, when you boil water, make sure that you are cooling the water to make baby formula.

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