Babies cry a lot. Sometimes the reason is obvious: baby is wet, wants to eat or needs more mum’s attention. For new parents figuring it out can be challenging. Moreover, to stop it is not a simple process. That is why it is so important to soothe and calm a baby.

So, let us have a look at the most common reasons why your baby is crying:

  • Your baby is hungry. Newborns take food from 8-12 times a day. Look at your baby and check the signs: lip smacking, taking hands to the mouth.
  • Your baby is gassy. Burp your baby after every feeding to relieve gas.
  • Your baby is wet. Always check the diaper. In the first months, you need to change the diapers a lot.
  • Your baby is cold or hot. Dress your newborn in the same way as you are.
  • Your baby is sick. Check your baby’s temperature and talk to your pediatrician.
  • Your baby is colicky. Contact your doctor if your baby is fussy after feedings.
  • Your baby is bored. Walk a lot with your baby, sing her a song, or just go from one room to another.

Crying is completely normal for a baby. Once you know the obvious reason, let us check a few tips how to make your baby feel comfort and calm. It may take time, but with your practice and patience, you will do it perfectly.

  • Swaddle your baby. It helps to soothe a baby quickly because it makes a cozy feeling and newborn sleeps longer. Be sure that your baby is on their back.
  • Turn on the white noise. It may remind your baby being inside the womb. Turn on a calming sound.
  • Give a pacifier. Babies have a strong sucking reflex. That is why a pacifier can calm your baby.
  • Take a ride. Walking is a great way to soothe your baby. She gets used to a lot of motion. Put your baby in a swing or use a rocking chair. You can also use a sling, your baby enjoy the feeling of closeness.
  • Give a massage. Many babies love the skin-to-skin contact. It is a great way to calm your crying baby and they will sleep much better.
  • Give a burp. A crying baby can get a lot of air. Burp them with gentle thumps on their back.
  • Bath time routine. If your baby adores bath time, fill up the tub with warm water. It will calm your baby.
  • Have fun with your baby. Your baby can get bored, so keep your baby entertained. Play on the floor with your baby, show her toys, read a book, turn on the music or dance.

If you are tired, and nothing worked, a call to your pediatrician will be a great idea. Sometimes it helps to hear from the professional that you are doing everything perfect and follow their advices.

Try to be patient. It is normal to feel upset or angry. Nevertheless, remember that keeping your baby safe is the most important thing.

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