Potty training is a big step for kids and their parents. Do you know the secret to the success? We know!You should be patience and you should know that it takes time.

    Every child is different, so do not compare your child with others. And remember that you can start potty training when your baby is between 18 months and 3 years. Start it with teaching your child words, which are needed for potty training such as wet, dry, wee and poo. Here are few steps, which helps you in potty training process:

  • Choose a Potty for your child
  • Watch for signs and guide your baby to the potty
  • Wear your baby in such clothes that is easy to get off
  • Demonstrate the potty training methods
  • Choose the right time carefully
  • Do not show your baby if you are disappointed
  • Offer praise and reward
  • Remember to teach proper hygiene

   Using a potty will be new to your child, so get them used to the idea step by step. Leave a potty where your child can see it and explain what it's for. Children learn by watching and copying. They also need to be able to sit on the potty and get up from it when they’re done, and follow your instructions.

   Potty training is often easier in warm weather because there is less clothing to remove. You may even let your child go without pants or a nappy some of the time. 

   Some children start using the toilet instead of the potty earlier than others. If you choose a toilet seat attachment make sure the toilet area is safe – keep household cleaners, deodorants and toiletries out of reach.

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