Baby Gas. Every Mom is so afraid of these two words. Crying baby, discomfort, the lack of sleep – and if your baby is suffering from it – it feels like something so much worse. Babies tend to pass gas more than 13 times each day. Do you think this is too much?

For you to know babies have many chances to swallow the air: when the baby is crying, eating or sucking a pacifier.

When your baby is burping, crying, getting fussy or she is having a hard tummy you should know that the air enters in your little one’s belly. In addition, if your baby make a noise or turn red, but usually she is happy – this is a sign that this is normal. You should know – when your baby grows, gas will not bother you.

Here are some tips that may help your baby to feel better:

  • Burp your baby. In addition to belching after feedings, try giving your baby a gentle middle-feed to get rid of swallowed air before it goes to baby’s bowels. 
  • Control the air. You should always check feeding position to cut back on the air he swallows. 
  • Feed your baby before she is hungry. Moreover, not allow her to cry. The more your baby cries the more air she swallows and the more gas she has.
  • Do body massage, encourage tummy time, ride a bicycle. All these activities as well as warm bath time can help your baby to get rid of extra gas.
  • Check your diet if you are breastfeeding. Talk to your pediatrician about foods that may give your baby extra gas.
  • Try baby gripe water or gas drops for infant’s gas. Never offer your baby it without asking your doctor.

In most cases, infant gas is normal and treatable. Nevertheless, if your baby has a fever, is very fussy or has bloody stools – contact your doctor.


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