What is the best formula for your baby?


✔This question we receive every day and in this post we'd like to give you an answer.

👉First of all, every baby is different and if one formula works perfectly with one baby it is not a guarantee that it will work the same with another one.

👌To find the baby formula that will ideal for your little one you have to ask yourself a few questions:
1. How old is my baby?
2. Does my baby have any stomach issues like gas, colic, constipation, reflux?
3. Does my baby has allergy (rash, eczema)?

✅Answer on first question will help you to find the right stage depending on age.

✅If the answer on the second question is "Yes", than you will need a special formula that is made for babies with stomach issues.

✅If the answer on the third question is "Yes" you have to choose a hypoallergenic baby formula.

✅If your answer is "No" on the second & third questions you can easily get a regular formula for your baby.

‼️But remember one thing - it does not matter which European baby formula you will use for your baby, your child will receive the best product on the market that does not consist GMO, chemicals, sugar, colors, flavors, soy oil, & other bad ingredients.

👇Please check below the list of problems & formulas that can help you with them:
Allergy - Hipp HA, Holle Goat, Nanny Care
Reflux - Hipp Anti Reflux
Stomach issues - Hipp Comfort, Hipp Combiotik
No problems - Loulouka, Holle Cow, Hipp Combiotik, Nanny Care

More information and ingredients comparison chart you will find on our website HERE