European vs American Baby Formula. Price Comparison.

European Baby Formula more expensive than American!
Today I want to break this myth!
Together with you we will calculate everything in my video.
A few days ago I read one article in the Internet about the fact that EU baby formula is more expensive than American.
But it is not true and today I will prove that.
I bought a few cans of baby formula – Enfamil, Similac & Happy Baby Organic.
First of all I’d like to say that Similac & Enfamil are not organic and all of them contain soy oil, corn syrup, or sugar.
So, let check the prices:
I divided the price per box for the amount of formula that you can make from 1 box.
And what we see:
Enfamil - $28.99 / 151 oz = $0.19 per 1 oz of formula
Similac - $33.99 / 226 oz = $0.15 per 1 oz of formula
Happy Baby Organic - $31.49 / 149 oz = $0.21 per 1 oz of formula
Now let’s check European Holle cow & Loulouka cow, that are organic and don’t contain unhealthy ingredients.
Holle the lowest price on our website is $23.75 / 130 oz = 0.18
Loulouka the lowest price on our website is $39.41 / 225 oz = $0.17
So, you can see the fact that European baby formula is even cheaper than US baby formula.
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Have a nice day!