Cooperation with Us

Thank you for your interest in cooperating and growing your business with us!
We will be more than pleased to list & sell your products on our website.
Please prepare all pictures and descriptions and send us thru Google drive link and we will list them on our website.
If your product has different variations please name the pictures regarding to the variations.
Please provide your selling price with or without shipping.
If shipping is not included in the price please write us how much customers should pay for shipping. Also please specify which carrier will you use and how long shipping will take.
Please also provide us your return & exchange policy to display in the description of your product.
When we receive all information from you we will list your products on our website within 2-4 business days.
Once we sell your product, we will provide you a screenshot of customer's order with shipping address. The product should be sent to the customer the same or next business day.
After you ship the order please reply to our email with the order screenshot and provide the tracking number to fulfill the order in our system.
Our processing fee is 12% of the total price and includes all fees related to payment systems like Paypal, Google pay, Apple pay, credit & debit cards, etc. 
For example, if the customer paid us $100 for your product, our fee will be $12 and you will receive $88 on your Paypal or bank account. No other fee is required.
You are responsible for the shipping and have to provide the tracking number the same or the next business day after the order was placed.
In certain cases when you do not have a possibility to create shipping labels by yourself we can also assist you with that and you will just need to print them and drop a product at the carrier's office.
In that case, the processing fee will be 15% and we will deduct a shipping cost from the amount that should be paid to you.
For example, if the customer paid us $100 for your product & shipping was included in the price, our fee will be $15 and we will deduct also a shipping cost & you will receive the rest of the amount on your Paypal or bank account.
We send payments to you every 1st and 15th day of the month or in 3 business days after reaching $1000 gross sale of your product.
We also will post your products on our Facebook & Instagram pages. The promotion of our website and products is required on your social media or website as well.
For those partners that do not have a warehouse we can also offer our fulfillment center. Please specify that and we will discuss everything individually.
Please note, that we also have a great referral program and you personally can earn bonuses and redeem them on buying our own products or paying our processing fee.
We look forward to cooperating with you and making our partnership strong, long-term, profitable, and beneficial for both of us.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us to
Have a great day!


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Have a great day!