Healthy child – is the most desirable wish for parents. Every mom wants to give only the best for her baby and approaches the choice of products as carefully as possible. Today, the market offers us a wide range of different food for children, but not all of them are fully satisfied parents and, as the worst way, their kids got sickness or some kind of allergy. 

Why Holle organic formula is so special?

This product can easily replace mother’s milk and your baby will be fully satisfied with it. Moreover, it is highly qualified output and it doesn’t contain any chemicals, extraordinary colours or special smells. Holle manufacturing  uses the latest technology and is ISO certified. It follows that their company gives you a product that meets the highest legal, protected, and nutritional requirements set by EU regulations.

Types of Holle Formula

Holle is one of the most famous baby formula brands in the world. Holle baby formula - 100% organic and divided into several types: cow milk and goat milk.

Cow milk – this mixture is made only from simple, necessary ingredients. This formula from cow milk is the best seller among other products, because it can easily replace breast milk and attracts many babies in the world.

Goat milk – this type of milk is almost like human protein milk. It could be easily digestible.  As many adults have an allergy to cow milk, babies also could have this and Holle Goat formula is a perfect choice for parents to avoid any risks.

 Holle pre is also a cow's milk formula, the only difference  between Holle stage 1 and Holle PRE is one ingredient -  maltodextrin!

The Holle PRE stage formula does NOT contain  maltodextrin, but instead substitutes organic lactose to provide additional nutritive content. Holle Stage 1 formula, on the other hand, DOES contain maltodextrin. 

We provide holle bio formula all Stages:

  • for Newborn (Stage pre and Stage 1)
  • from 6 to 10 months (Stage 2)
  • from 10-12  months onwards (Stage 3 & 4)

Holle baby formula: rise in awareness of productions

Holle introduces not only formulas, but also porridges, tea for babies and mommies, and pouches. All these products are:

  • GMO free
  • consists of organic ingredients
  • good for digestive and nervous  system
  • rich of calcium
  • producing without any pesticides
  • free from sugar, corn syrup, soy 

 If you are one of the parents who value organic production - you should exactly visit our online shop. Holle infant products are the best choice for your baby. It is being created with love and high standards for happy moms and their children. If you have any questions or difficulty with the choice - let us know and we immediately help you to buy the right product.