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 More and more parents are looking for organic products for their babies. 

Hipp is a manufacturer of baby food. This company is well-known with the best organic baby food not only in Europe, but also in other countries. It is famous for its ecological agriculture and hipp baby food. They take exceptional responsibility for the production of healthy infant milk. 

Nowadays organic food and organic consumption are very important.

Why should you choose Hipp organic baby formula?

Hipp organic formula has the highest quality ingredients that meets all European organic standards.  All components are harvested at the peak of completeness to guarantee the best taste and the best texture for hipp baby foods.

All specialists in this company combine efforts with organic farms. As a result, they make hipp formulas of exceptional quality. All components of organic baby food are evaluated many times to make sure that this formula milk will be safe for babies. 

Hipp formula is made only from clean organic skimmed milk. All animals from which we take the milk spend most of their time in fresh air and open fields. They eat organic food that is free from chemicals, pesticides and genetically modified ingredients. So with a little care and attention these organic products meet all needed standards. 

Hipp offers products for all babies depending on their needs: from regular hipp organic milk (Hipp Combiotik) to special formulas for babies with a sensitive stomach, acid reflux (Hipp Anti Reflux), constipation, gas (Hipp Comfort) or allergy (Hipp Hypoallergenic). Almost each of them have different stages: 

  • Stage PRE (for babies from birth)
  • Stage 1 (from birth to 6 months)
  •  Stage 2 (from 6-12 months)
  •  Stage 3 (from 12 months). 

Hipps organic milk is the best for your baby. It is full of all vital minerals and vitamins that are needed for your baby’s healthy growth and proper development. 

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