In the Anex product line, you can find strollers for various weather conditions, different roads, and every need and budget. Anex m/type is the stroller with improved off-road performance suitable for any season. But you always ask us - Which stroller to choose for a newborn in winter? 

Off-road stroller

 It is really challenging going out for a walk with a baby in the wintertime.  but every baby need fresh air, that’s why our triple shock-absorbing and anti-wobbling systems  is very important. These technical terms mean that you will be able to adjust your stroller for the winter according to the type of a road to make it ride smoothly. Luckily, Anex m/type is equipped with both systems. 

Please remember that Anex m/type is a stroller with big wheels for the winter. Big shock-absorbing wheels and a frame! All of that will make it easier for you and your baby to go shopping on snow-covered streets or do the stairs without a ramp. Thanks to the anti-wobbling system, your baby will sleep tight even while riding on an old block pavement. 

Rain or shine

For the comfort of your baby, ANEX added protective elements into our winter stroller Anex m/type designed specifically for such extreme walks. The spacious baby cradle protects the baby well enough in any weather conditions. 

There is a backpack provided with the stroller, so that moms and dads can keep all of their rattles, bottles, and wipes handy. If your baby is big enough to explore the world from the sitting position, the stroller has a foot cover. You will also get a raincoat and a mosquito net as a set with the stroller. 

A child needs your love,
Anex will take care of the rest!

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