You have probably asked yourself a question what is better organic or regular formula? That’s because you care about your baby’s early nutrition. And making the right choice when it comes to baby formula is very important.

Organic foods are everywhere nowadays. As for infant formula, it is labeled organic if 95% of its ingredients come from biodynamic farms, that are banned from using GMOs, pesticides and synthetic ingredients.

Non-organic formulas do not require such regulations. That means that you actually do not know what is in your baby’s formula.

Organic and non-organic formulas are both suitable for infants. But organic one has additional health benefits.  

It is very important to pay high attention to the nutritional value of baby formula. Organic formulas have all these nutrients that help to create a healthy gut balance in your baby and strength immune system. Fatty acids that are in these formulas help with brain, cognitive and nerve development. It also contains probiotics and prebiotics that assist with brain development and keep your baby’s skin and lungs healthy. Some of organic formula ingredients such as Vitamin E and amino acids are keeping your baby’s energy levels within a healthy range.

Non-organic ones simply don’t provide the level of vitamins and minerals that your baby needs to thrive. 

Secondly, organic formulas are more expensive than non-organic. But sometimes the difference is only in few cents.

Organic formula doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, has tons of essential nutrients, and is free from potentially harmful ingredients. 

Remember, that the most important thing is ensuring that your baby is getting all the nutrients they need. 

Always check with your pediatrician to be sure they recommend the one you choose for your baby.

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