🔸Heat rash, also known as prickly heat or miliaria, is a type of rash that occurs in newborns because their sweat glands, not fully developed, are easily blocked.

▪️Looks like small red to clear, pinpointed bumps;

▪️May be accompanied by an itching or burning sensation;

▪️The neck, shoulders, and chest are the most common places for prickly heat to appear;

▪️Folds of skin and places where clothing rubs baby skin are also areas where prickly heat might pop up;

▪️It’s the most common in the summer, when weather is hot and wet. Tight or too-warm clothing can make it worse;

▪️Heat rash usually goes away on its own within a few days without treatment. Do not use rash creams on the skin unless a doctor recommends a specific cream. A heat rash is not an allergic reaction, and it is not dry skin.

▪️In rare cases, heat rashes can become infected, especially if a baby scratches them. An infected heat rash may cause a fever and other signs of illness.

If a baby has a fever or seems sick, see a doctor.

▪️You can relieve unpleasant symptoms by taking a cool shower and letting the skin dry.

Stay healthy🌿

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