All of you have heard and know what starch is. Baby formulas may or may not contain it.

Starch is a carbohydrate, and we can say that it is the main source of energy for people.

 In European formulas starch is used from wheat, potato and corn. After extraction it becomes a white powder without taste and odor.  

Starch is not used in all formulas. Babies under 6 months cannot tolerate it. So you can find starch free formulas at our store.  

After birth, baby’s digestive system is in the process of developing. That’s why it’s difficult for infants to digest products with high quantity of starch. For example, cow’s milk – they start taking it only after one-year-old. Because it is difficult for babies to digest it. Starch is unique because it makes food thicker not sweeter. 

If you start giving your baby too much starch it may case the diarrhea and upset the balance in the stomach. 

Starch, used in European formulas, is made from biodynamic agriculture which means it is much better than organically grown agriculture. Biodynamic farms forbid the use of hybrids and pesticides, but they use minerals for soil restoration. 

Ask your baby’s pediatrician what formula and ingredients you should give your baby. 

The starch free formulas are at our store are: HIPP DUTCH, HIPP UK, HIPP (polish version), HIPP HA PRE, HIPP HA (stage 1 polish version), HIPP Anti-Reflux, HIPP PRE (german version), Holle Cow’s Milk (stage1, PRE), Holle Goat’s Milk (stage1), Loulouka, Nanny Care. You may find all these formulas at

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