Early bonding is very important both for newborns and parents. It gives baby a sense of security and self-esteem. It begins even before the baby’s birth, your little one starts getting to know you in the womb.

Bonding happens in many ways:
✔️ Skin to skin contact
✔️ When you look at your newborn
✔️ Feeding them
✔️ Making eye contact
✔️ Copy your baby’s noises and signals
✔️ Starting new activity, talk calmly
✔️ Smile and laugh
✔️ Talk, sing, read books and play simple games together.
✔️Bathing your baby

Bonding with your newborn is probably the most pleasure aspect of infant care. It helps your baby to learn how to be close to people.

Also it often helps to share your feelings about bonding with other newly parents. So that’s a chance for you - share in comments ⬇️

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