Coconut Oil is healthy and safe for babies. Some European brands of baby formula include it in its composition. It contains fatty acids that are very important nutrients for baby’s development.

Coconut Oil is very popular alternative to palm oil. It is made from either meat or coconut’s kernels and is a rich source of medium chain of triglycerides. That means that babies can easily digest such kind of fat. Coconut Oil can help with some skin problems in babies.

Let’s see how Coconut Oil works for babies!

  • Body massage with Coconut Oil

A good massage helps babies to sleep well. So using such oil is a good choice and is easily absorbed into the sensitive skin.

  • Coconut Oil for Cradle Crap

Most newborns develop cradle crap or dry scalp. So, massaging some coconut oil may help your baby. Leave the Oil for 20 minutes, then brush off the flakes using a soft baby brush, and wash the baby’s hair with lukewarm water.

  • Eczema with Coconut Oil

Eczema is a condition when the skin becomes very dry and itchy. If your doctor recommends using Coconut Oil, it can soothe dryness and give relief.

  • Coconut Oil for Diaper Rash

Most infants and toddlers suffer from Diaper rash, the most common inflammatory skin concern. You can apply Coconut Oil in the diaper region and see if it helps.

  • Coconut Oil for Baby Acne

All babies have sensitive skin. They can have red marks on the skin which may be itchy and swollen. You can also try Coconut Oil to get a relief from acne, because such oil has anti-inflammatory properties. But always consult your doctor before using it.

  • Coconut Oil as Body Lotion

Coconut Oil is rich for vitamins and minerals, and it works as natural moisturizer for baby’s skin.  

  • Baby Food with Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil can be used in cooking. First, this is a good source of fat and calories for your baby. Secondly, it is safe for consumption. Coconut Oil develop immune system and help in the overall growth. Such oil is hypoallergenic and contains acids that eases digestion and relieves constipation. But always consult your doctor before using it.

  • Coconut Oil for Dry and Chapped Lips

Babies’ sensitive skin can be effected by temperature. Chapped and dried lips can be painful for infants, especially it makes them difficult to breastfed. Coconut Oil may help to reduce the lips’ dryness.

We mentioned the main benefits of Coconut Oil for your baby. Rarely, such oil can be allergic. Please check with your doctor before using it.

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