All babies are unique and different. That’s why some of them sleep much more than others.

It is sometimes difficult to fit it with your needs. And that’s one reason why you need to sleep when your baby sleeps. But if you are not sleeping, don’t keep the silent in the house. Your baby should get used to the noise.

Also try to teach your baby from the very beginning that the nighttime and daytime are different. During the day spend time with your baby, play games, make the noise. At night don’t play with your baby, be quiet, don’t talk too much and keep the lights down. Such small details will help your baby to understand what is nighttime and what is daytime.

You may teach your baby bedtime routine when your baby is 3 months old. It includes a bath, changing into night clothes, putting them to bed, reading a bedtime story, giving a good night kiss and others. That matters a lot for your baby.

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