Finding the right formula for your baby is not the only task for newly parents. They also need to know how to make and store it.

In this article, we will try to give you some basic advices so that you can easily cope with this task.

Remember, that it is very important to wash your hands well and to make sure that you use a clean area to prepare the baby formula. Next step is to clean and sterilize bottle and equipment (you can use special sterilizer or a pan of boiled water).

Dear parents, always check the expiry date before preparing the infant formula. You should read all instructions attentively and follow what is written on the formula container. Then you will know how much water and powder you need.

Before making the formula, boil water and make it colder.

Next step is to fill the sterilized bottle with the right amount of water. Then add the right number of scoops (use the only scoop that you have in a formula tin) into the bottle and make sure that the amount is level. Then shake the closed bottle well. Moreover, do not forget to put the powder on water. As well, check the formula temperature before feeding (put few drops of formula on your inner wrist).  It should be just warm, not hot.

If you need to warm the baby formula, you should put the bottle with a formula into a bowl of warm water or hold the bottle under warm running water. However, never use the microwave.

Every mom knows that fresh prepared formula is the best for their little babies. Nevertheless, sometimes you need to have it ready beforehand. So do not forget, that you can keep the prepared formula in a refrigerator within 24 hours. You can also give your baby ready to go formula, which you can keep in a fridge not more than 48 hours. All formulas should be stored in a refrigerator at temperature lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

All unopened infant formula containers should be stored in a dry, cool and indoor place. Do not store opened formulas in the refrigerator, keep them in cold, dry place with tight closed lid and use it within 1 month.

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