Many young parents before baby’s birth learn everything about parenthood very attentively, especially such things that have any relation to kids’ food. Today we want to show you our line of one of the best baby’s food in the world.

All you need to know about loulouka baby food brand:

Loulouka is 100% Organic. It contains only safe ingredients  and you may be calm for the health of your children. Loulouka presented kids’ puree, which is made from fruits, vegetables and organic ingredients. It is free from pesticides, extra sugar and chemical addition. Well-balanced baby food created by parents for parents in Switzerland. All we know, that this country is considered to be the cleanest country, so loulouka organic baby food is really organic and safe.

Why should you choose Loulouka’s product? There are some important advantages:

-       No GMO’s elements;

-       It is made to the EU organic standards;

-       Free from soy and palm oil 

-       It has many carbohydrates, which are one of the most essential components in manufacturing food for newborn;

-       Avoiding any harmful ingredients;

-       100% organic certified product.

-      it is the best first food for babies from 6 months.

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